14 Things We Should All Stop Doing

13. Stop being afraid of pursuing the dream, no matter how cliché that may sound.

Thought Catalog

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Resolutions for self-improvement are great—if you’re the type of person who is so self-disciplined that you can actually follow through with your goals for longer than one week. As imperfect humans, we are more prone to listen when we are told no, don’t, STOP. The negative seems to always be more powerful. These are 14 things we should all stop doing.

1. Stop spending more on material goods than on experiences. It’s great to feel pretty, hansom, sexy. A single compliment on your look can even make your day. However, you are not truly deprived of anything material-wise. Save up for moments that you will remember for the rest of your life—moments that make your heart pound with exhilaration and moments where a new scenery can take your breath away. If you want the adventure badly enough, there is no such thing as “not being able to afford it.”

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