13 Things High-Quality Women Do Not Do

13. Letting other people decide for us about matters such as how we should dress or what to do with our bodies. Or letting other people decide for us, period.

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1. Being proud of “not being like other girls.”

Those pesky other girls. They are always wearing make-up, except they never do. They always gossip, but they are also always discussing the recurrent themes in Joyce’s work. They are always listening to Ke$ha… And Schubert. They listen to both simultaneously. They are always having beer, except they never have beer and they prefer kale juice instead. They always dress demurely, except when they are wearing super short skirts and tops that show cleavage. See how difficult it actually is to attribute the exact same traits to roughly half of the entire world population? I know that the premise itself of this listicle is attempting to do just that, but I hope that my message to stop categorizing girls as one homogeneous entity will excuse my faux pas.

The thing about saying you aren’t like “other girls” is that it…

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