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Watch Angelina Jolie Make A Brilliant Point About The Nigerian Schoolgirls While Promoting A Movie

as Ms. Jolie puts it, “this culture of impunity.”

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We often don’t take Angelina Jolie seriously because she’s “just an actress,” but we should, because she’s brilliant. And here she makes the extremely important point of “looking at the bigger picture, of this epidemic of men thinking that women do not have the right to an education, and that they think they can get away with this behavior.” Because it’s not just Nigeria, and it’s not just these girls. It’s all our girls, all over the world, and we have to end, as Ms. Jolie puts it, “this culture of impunity.” [tc-mark]

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How To Love Him So Much He Won’t Have A Chance To Miss Me

No break up from TZ

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Please support him on his endeavors. Push him high whenever he feels like the world is on his shoulder. Make him confident with the brightest smile. 

Sometimes serve him food and give him water. Don’t act like a princess. Give him a glass of water after he drank too much because he’ll have a really really bad hangover after that. Always have some pain relievers with you, he does not keep them.

Cuddle him at night but give him space when it’s hot or humid. He tends to sweat a lot. He often covers his eyes when there’s light in the room. He likes the dark. 

He likes to watch TV documentaries, viral videos and prank shows, enjoy it with him.

Be interested in everything he does. Enjoy the silent late nights with him escaping the world while lying on your lap. If possible, drink with him. He…

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I Hope You Know That You’re My Miracle

You reinstate my faith that I can always have even more to give if I try hard enough — more love, more kindness. On the darkest days, you give me faith that I will wake up the next day and embrace life as it comes. You will forgive my misdemeanors, which I cannot hide. But with that realization is the feeling that you will always kindle a love of surprises and miracles in how I perceive life.

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Now I am here, and so are you. And life never ceases to surprise me with all its wonderful gifts. Goodness dwells in the belief that life’s uncertainty will keep giving us reasons to believe in miracles.

Because miracles aren’t always glittering items wrapped neatly inside a box waiting to be opened. They aren’t always dreams that we pray should come true. We don’t always recognize them because we choose never to believe in them sometimes. But I believe in miracles because of you.

The miracle is not about you. It’s that I can believe in you because I want to. Miracles lie in mistakes with no other lesson but learning how to smile. They occur when we accept the regularity of change as we keep discovering ourselves. But mostly, we look back in hindsight and realize how the biggest miracle was forgetting when we welcomed people into our lives…

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14 Things We Should All Stop Doing

13. Stop being afraid of pursuing the dream, no matter how cliché that may sound.

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Resolutions for self-improvement are great—if you’re the type of person who is so self-disciplined that you can actually follow through with your goals for longer than one week. As imperfect humans, we are more prone to listen when we are told no, don’t, STOP. The negative seems to always be more powerful. These are 14 things we should all stop doing.

1. Stop spending more on material goods than on experiences. It’s great to feel pretty, hansom, sexy. A single compliment on your look can even make your day. However, you are not truly deprived of anything material-wise. Save up for moments that you will remember for the rest of your life—moments that make your heart pound with exhilaration and moments where a new scenery can take your breath away. If you want the adventure badly enough, there is no such thing as “not being able to afford it.”

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13 Things High-Quality Women Do Not Do

13. Letting other people decide for us about matters such as how we should dress or what to do with our bodies. Or letting other people decide for us, period.

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1. Being proud of “not being like other girls.”

Those pesky other girls. They are always wearing make-up, except they never do. They always gossip, but they are also always discussing the recurrent themes in Joyce’s work. They are always listening to Ke$ha… And Schubert. They listen to both simultaneously. They are always having beer, except they never have beer and they prefer kale juice instead. They always dress demurely, except when they are wearing super short skirts and tops that show cleavage. See how difficult it actually is to attribute the exact same traits to roughly half of the entire world population? I know that the premise itself of this listicle is attempting to do just that, but I hope that my message to stop categorizing girls as one homogeneous entity will excuse my faux pas.

The thing about saying you aren’t like “other girls” is that it…

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11 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Was Entering The “Real World”

6. Choose your battles. Some things are worth fighting for, and others aren’t.

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My little brother graduates college this week, and it got me thinking about all the things I’ve learned in my seven years as a full-fledged member of the Real World. Things I wish someone had told me. Things I’ve learned the hard way.

Since dropping wisdom bombs is one of the sworn duties of an older sister, I figured a tidy little listicle would make an ideal (cheap) graduation gift. So, little brother, to celebrate this momentous occasion, I offer you these pieces of advice about being an adult and a professional.

1. Politics matter more than you wish they did. Success in the real world is a small part about being competent and an enormous part about being likable. The more people like you, the better you’ll do. Sometimes that means sucking up to people who are less intelligent than you, and sometimes it means being very careful around…

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13 Incredible Things That Happen When You Grow Up With A Single Mother

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Gilmore GirlsGilmore Girls

1. You learn what resilience is from a young age. Things are harder for single mothers, that’s no secret. You watch your mom work harder for her family’s well-being than anyone else you could imagine, and never complain to you about it. She is your guide for managing difficulty in your life.

2. You never ended up in a shitty relationship. Knowing that you don’t *need* to have a partner in order to survive freed you up to evaluate potential partners based on what they would truly add to your life, you were never clouded by the fear of being alone.

3. You’ve never shied away from hard work. Your mom never passed off the difficult jobs to someone else, and you absorbed that notion. Everything that you need in your life, you can accomplish by yourself.

4. You have an incredible sense of loyalty to your family…

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Dear Future Girlfriend, I Can’t Wait For You To Drive Me Wild

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Dear Future Girlfriend,

I know my life won’t be the same when I finally get to have you. In other words, I cannot buy the things I want anymore, for I’ll be buying the things YOU want. I bet I’d be almost always broke, but at least not broken.
With that, I apologize in advance if you have to pay for our movie tickets sometimes. I promise I’ll repay you in kisses. Even if I have to steal. I’m also sorry if I badger you with questions about the film we just watched. I may not have been paying full attention to the screen because I will have been looking at you every fifteen minutes. Don’t worry, it won’t be because you’re prettier in the dark. I just don’t want you to see my stupid dreamy face while I’m staring at you. Of…

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