7 Things I Know To Be Absolute Truth

Thought Catalog

1. It is okay if you haven’t figured things out.

This is not me encouraging you to just go with the flow and be a lazy ass. It is important to always try to figure things out. Do not be content on being stuck in a situation where your heart is not happy. Life is about chasing happiness. Imagine if your life is all figured out and planned out, and you know every single detail of how things are and will be. Life would be predictable and boring if you knew what happened next at every turn. Keep figuring out your next high. Keep setting goals. Keep dreaming.

2. Hard times are part of living.

Imagine if everything comes easy; love, money, A+ on exams, promotion. I assure you, it won’t make you as happy as if you earned it the hard way. Challenges are there to make you appreciate…

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